[meteorite-list] Former Astronaut Glenn Criticizes Bush Space Plan

From: CMcdon0923_at_aol.com <CMcdon0923_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:46 2004
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<< You are wrong, you used the word Chimp, You made it olitical, and made yourself the chimp! >>

Randy's substitution of the word "chimp" in reference to the President of The United States is THE ONLY reason I even bothered to post my reply to his email.

If you can't take it.....don't dish it out.

If it would have just been a link to the article without his attempt to include the typical angry liberal agenda into the message, I wouldn't have gone past just reading Sen. Glenn's comments.

Actually, the only reason I even read the article was because that based on the doctored title in the email, I though NASA was planning to start sending chimps into space again in preparation for longer duration missions, and I wanted to see what Senator Glenn's objections were.
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