[meteorite-list] New fall prices and photos

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:46 2004
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Farmer, why are you accusing people on the list all the time, nobody is interested in your crap. Leave the Hupes alone.
You started this crap again and again, I'm tired of. Nobody is interested in your passport or how many times you went to buy in Morocco. You don't contribute anything to the list with your garbage. go buy a salami..


Dave C.

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Adam, Proprietary name? Has anyone ever heard of this kind of garbage before? That is like saying that you suggested the Park Forest name. If it fell there, then that is the name and so what if it was you or anyone else who submitted it. That is getting to the bottom or retardedness Adam.
I never accused you of making this fall up, Since you like to ignore the facts, show us the email where I said that.
I did not say you had no material, I said you should show proof, you now have, why it took a week I dont really comprehend but no matter.
Stop looking for accusations and such where none exists.
Adam, I said YOU, I know your brother has been to the field more, 3 or 4 times, Kenya, Morocco 3 or 4 times. Where else in the world? Washington state?
I have been to Morocco 30 times, I can prove it with showing all of my passport stamps, undeniable proof. It shows that I know what the hell I am doing there.
You did well with your trips after I took Greg with me, showing him the people I had cultivated since the first trip, makes it quite easy for you.
Now, please stop fighting, I dont want to, I have proven my points, you ignored them all after I responded, so I see it worked.
I am almost out of material for now, will get some more in a few days. Sell yours, Ill sell mine, all will be happy I hope.
Good bye and good night to all.
I am jet lagged to all heck and going to bed for a good nights sleep in my own bed.
Photos of the Spain portion of my expedition will be posted tomorrow.
Mike Farmer
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From: Adam Hupe
To: Michael Farmer
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Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 10:13 PM
Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] New fall prices and photos

Dear Mike and List,

I will try not to be too negative in this posting but feel, once again, compelled to respond.

First of all Mike, you told us to produce the goods and accused us of being like Casper offering specimens we did not have in stock.

Response: Basically you said show me the money and we did. We produced the goods and every stone in the image is part of this new fall. The color is somewhat off because of the lighting as we have already stated off-List. In reality most are jet black. The large stone does have a little bit of oxidation as do a few others but it is definitely part of this fall. Remember this fall is several months old and some of the pieces were collected recently. H chondrites sometimes oxidize quickly, especially if they have halite crystals in them and have been out in the weather. 90% of what we have are cherry picked individuals with minimal or no oxidation. For the most part the reddish and blue hews are from differing temperatures during ablation as can also be seen on Bensour.

Secondly, you accused us of only being in the field one time and sitting on our butts using DHL for our deliveries in a previous post. You then went on to say you have been to Morocco 30 times.

Response: Who do you think is going to believe this? We have already published our experiences on numerous expeditions and have several other articles in the works. I am sure you will look forward to reading the August issue of Outside Magazine this summer in which you are mentioned. Saying you have been to Morocco 30 times is like saying you repaired the same transmission in your car 30 times therefor you must be an expert. I see you are using DHL for your next shipment, a smart move considering how much cheaper it is than going there unnecessarily.

Third, you said we made up this new fall and do not have any material from it.

Response: You apparently recognize we were working on this fall for some time as you are using our Proprietary in-house and Provisional name for this new fall on your website.

Mike, slow down and stop abusing every person on the List that does not agree with what you have to say. A lot of List members are afraid to disagree with you in public for fear of some obnoxious reprisal. Several have left because of this according to dozens of emails we have collected. If you look at each argument, you are in the center of it 95% of time. We have been guilty of disagreeing with you in public because you pose no threat to us. We apologize to those who were offended by them but we never once reduced it the level of name calling.

Truly wishing everybody the best and enjoy Amgala, the new fall.

Adam and Greg Hupe
The Hupe Collection
IMCA 2185

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From: Michael Farmer
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Subject: [meteorite-list] New fall prices and photos

I saw the photos from the other dealers, and am really not sure what to make of them. The large stone looks like nwa 869, note the fragmented edges, look weathered. Perhaps bad lighting? As you can see in my photo, the stones are black as night on the outside and white as snow on the inside. No question with my photo.
Anyway 75% of mine is already sold, I am offering the meteorite for $10.00 gram across the board. Fragments, or complete stones, same price as I have little left anyway.
Here is my list
2.41 gram individual 100% crusted.
3.01 gram individual 100% crusted.
90.00 gram individual 100% crusted.
45.54 gram individual 97% crusted.
76.5 gram individual 94% crusted.
29.05 gram individual 100% crusted.
23.43 gram individual 100% crusted.
28.66 gram individual 100% crusted.
27.95 gram individual 100% crusted.
15.91 gram individual 100% crusted.
23.45 gram individual 100% crusted.
6.35 gram fragment 40% crusted.
29.40 gram individual 100% crusted.
19.74 gram individual 100% crusted.
1.43 gram individual 100% crusted.
9.55 gram 1/2 individual 80% crusted.
288 gram broken inividual in 3 pieces.

Mike Farmer

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