[meteorite-list] Re: Fwd: uhauhauha

From: Brahindave99_at_netscape.net <Brahindave99_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:46 2004
Message-ID: <03E57E0E.1EA6A9E0.10C53A32_at_netscape.net>

Farmer, you're bothering other people all the time. Nice words of crap. You always write BULLSHIT. Any more slander from you and you'll find yourself in a courtroom.


Dave C.

Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy_at_yahoo.com> wrote:

>you sure write likme Michael Casper.
>Ill have to check the origin of this email.
>Now, go fuck yourself as yo and matteo like to keep
>bothering me and the rest of us.
>--- Brahindave99_at_netscape.net wrote:
>> Farmer,
>> nobody cares about your fight, why are you
>> forwarding your private emails?
>> I'll think you are this sack of crap loser, arn't
>> you...
>> xoxoxox
>> Dave C.

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