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From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:45 2004
Message-ID: <Law10-F39mukjy7H9140002f358_at_hotmail.com>

>What this statement means is that it is not going to be offered for sale to
>the public at $2.80 a gram when $5.00 a gram was paid in the field. This
>stunt was pulled in the past in order for one dealer to prove a point to
>another without consideration for collectors and other dealers who took a
>lose because of it. This is called collateral damage, innocent people hurt
>by somebody else's actions. How could this be a good thing when most
>dealers will not even pursue a new fall anymore unless it lands in their
>backyard? They will not pursue new falls becuase there is no reward for
>doing so when somebody is willing to sell below their cost in order to
>a point. Do you want only a single source collecting new falls and
>distributing the material? Do you have any idea what kind of damage this
>could cause if the single source was unreasonable? What if one fell on
>birthday and you had to have a piece of the stone? Would you be willing to
>pay $100.00 a gram for an ordinary chondrite? This could happen if only
>source thought he or she was in control.
>Think about it,

i'm not too worried about the scenario you suggest... if a few people got
run out of the 'new finds' market, and as a result the dealers who were left
decided to sell out outragiously high prices, someone else would step up to
grab a share of such a market, bringing the prices right back down...in
reality i dont ever see things getting to the point of a single source for a
large part of the market.. there is just too much money to be made...

think about it...

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