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From: Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:35 2004
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Martin and all; not sure what you mean by so many flls
here. Lets count; there is El Hammami, Zag, Bensour;
and now his one. I know nothing about the one Habibi
mentioned; and neither do my people here, so that
makes it suspect.
That is four falls in the last 8 years, in an area
MUCH larger than germany, no forest, large population
of poor people who do not it in their homes watching
tv, rarely clouds Europe is cloud covered more often
than not, large population but in dense centers, green
green green, not very nice for meteorite recovery even
if you see near where it falls. Here when one falls,
1000 men women and children go to hunt it; makes for
better recovery rate in my opinion.
I have been doing meteorites for some time, and the
stones tell if they are fresh or not, these have never
seen water, and this year has been a wet one in the
I see nothing strange about this recovery rate, by the
way, look at New Orleans, fell in large city of
millions of people, 20 kilos, and none saw or heard
anything until it smashed through house downtown, so
all falls need not be seen to be recognized, there is
no disputing that one but if it happened in morocco it
would be denounced?
Mike Farmer
By the way, everyone in this country knows what a
meteorite is, far more so than in europe or the usa,
and word gets out instantly .
--- Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_Meteorite-Martin.de>
> Hi list,
> I wonder why in that region so many falls are
> observed and found. It's not
> directly very crowded in that aerea and something I
> think by myself, perhaps
> they saw a nice bright shooting star in the dark,
> dark desert nights and
> some weeks later the find among the normal W3-stuff
> a nice fresh W0,
> concluding that it must have been the shooting star?
> Something like El Hammami....
> Or it's because most people there are meanwhile
> great experts in
> meteoritics, more sensible and pay more attention?
> Ech, this mail should not sound insulting, don't
> want to hear about
> isotopes, I would only feel better, if someone could
> give more details about
> the circumstances of the falls. An eyewitness report
> would be nice, a
> day-light-fireball great.
> Cheers!
> Martin A.
> who jelously sits in Bavaria, where every 160 years
> an observed fall is
> found.
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> > If you want a piece; DO NOT WAIT as I will run
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> > Just as beautiful as Bensour, of course hard
> stones
> > and thicker crust. most 100 percent crusted, none
> > oriented, some broeken to be cut; gorgeous
> breccia.
> > Mike Farmer
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