[meteorite-list] apologies

From: Dave Harris <entropydave_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Jul 25 15:32:57 2004
Message-ID: <410406EA.000019.03460_at_D500>

I advised everyone of an eBay offering but had also mentioned that I will
accept off-eBAy offers from the Metlist subscribers. One highly respected
member of the list and the IMCA has remarked that he does not feel that this
is an ethical practice and as I feel he MAY have a point I will cordially
have to retract the non-eBAy offers.
I am not prepared to put any potential bidders at a disadvantage here, I
guess I wanted to give a choice to our listees.

This is what I replied to this IMCA member:

Hi xxxxxxx!
You definitely have a point here - I just think that our metlist should be
allowed a 'first choice' - they can get it cheaper, I save on eBay fees and
everyone is happy.
I take a risk too, you know - I may easily sell it for less that I would
have got on eBay.
So, obviously, if you do not wish to bid on eBay or make me an offer that is
 of course your business.
So, I hear you - and this is the first time I have done this - if anyone
else feels the same way then I will not invite the Metlist members for a
bite of the cherry and just do the eBay thing.
I was only trying to help out the list members as I feel indebted to them
for the knowledge they have imparted to me over the years.
..My 2 mg worth!
very best


hopefully still going to be IMCA #0092...
Received on Sun 25 Jul 2004 03:15:54 PM PDT

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