[meteorite-list] Meteorite givaway, #11 ... and the story goes on

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> I like the idea of your meteorite give away program, but, my problem is
> that I already have a few pieces of Brahin. Would you mind substituting
> it with a 50 - 100gram slice of Glorieta Mountain or Esquel? Thanks in
> advance, John Gwilliam

> You are not being realistic John, settle for a large Imilac slice instead.
> Good taste without being too greedy is more becoming for a young
> collector like yourself. JD

.. and little John rose from the table and advancing to the master, bowl
in hand, said: "Please, Master Steve, I want some Glorieta Mountain or
The master ... turned very pale. He gazed with horror and astonishment
on little John for some seconds.
"What!" he said at length in a faint voice.
"Please, sir, replied John, I want some Glorieta Mountain or Esquel instead."
The master aimed a blow at John's head with his big Brahin olivine blob and
cried aloud for Mr. Daley.
Mr. Daley, hearing the cry, and learning the cause for it, rushed into the room
where the Meteoritical Society Board were sitting in a solemn meeting, and
addressing the gentleman in the high chair, said:
"Mr. Metcrumbs, I beg your pardon, sir. John has asked for more exquisite
There was a general alarm. Horror was on every face.
"For more exquisite pallasites!", said Mr. Metcrumbs. "Be calm, Daley, and
answer me clearly. Do you mean to say that he did ask for more exquisite
pallasites after he had been offered that olivine blob"-ster" by the board?"
"He did, sir", replied Daley.
"That skydiver will be hanged," said one of the gentlemen on the board.
"I know that incarnation of a meteorite-greedy boy will be hanged."

(Slightly adapted from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens ;-)


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