[meteorite-list] q on storing micromounts

From: mark ford <markf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Jul 23 07:25:09 2004
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Hi Ken,

I am glad it's not just me!

It's definitely the foam that's causing the problems, because the side
of the samples that is not touching the foam is fine (or at least much

I think your right about VCI/film, being a good idea. But sealing
anything up with chlorides about, is probably not sensible, even VCI has
an inherent 'efficiency' and does not provide 100% protection.

Given the high price of meteoritic material, putting it in a cheap
placky case just to save a few cents, really isn't worth it, not only
that but you can usually hardly see the specimen anyway since one side
is hidden and the micro often scratches the plastic on the inside....

 I went over to membranes some time back, and just have a few old
micro's still in the foam based boxes at the time this was just because
I preferred the look of them, Obviously some meteorites will likely show
a reaction more than others and it will still depend on the amount of
water vapor around etc and I am sure there are many different types of
foam, so most of the time it's probably fine.

But personally, I ain't putting O'C in foam boxes again!


Mark Ford

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Hi Mark, Marcin & all

I have the same problem with rusting on the white foam pads, looks awful
! I think an answer maybe the use of a piece of VCI paper placed below
the foam piece as suggested on the Anne Black's site.


Either this or membrane boxes as you suggest, but would work out a more
expensive a solution.

Would the VCI be enough to combat the action of the Chloride based foam


Ken O'Neill
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