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Date: Thu Jul 22 15:37:59 2004
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Of course! Vinyl Chlorides! - that answers a long standing question I
have had.. I was wondering why a some Micro's I had in Foam (sponge)
cases where rusting and all the others in membranes etc and out in the
open were all fine (even ones from the same fall).

Maybe there is many different sponge kinds, becouse as I say to Drtanuki,
half of my
collection is in this boxes from a years without opening and pieces are
fine. And I live
in Poland, not in south of Libia. I hold there irons, chondrites,
achondrites and nothing
rust here.

I especially found that small Gao's stored in boxes with foam stain the
foam with rust over time, and those that aren't don't!

I have Gao in boxes with sponge. El Hammami slice, Pultusk endpieces, Mt
Tazerzait slice
and other H5 :)))

There certainly appeared to be some reaction with the foam. I have
noticed that yellow foam was far worse than the white foam?, presumably
different Plastics are used, chlorides would be the reason!

I dont know how this looks on other boxes, but here You have special
material on foam
layer, so meteorite not contact to foam directly. Just look to my photos.

Anyway I will not change my opinion. Boxes are perfect, and many times
cheaper than
membrane boxes or other things

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