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Gist: Several shacks caught fire owing to a meteor storm/meteor strike.

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  Was this fireball associated with Perseid meteor storm. I would like to have a translated copy of the this news. I am particularily interested in Fireball hitting huts. Have they been able to recover some amount of debries from these 100 houses. We were able to recover from Orissa Meteor Storm in October 2003
Bharat Adur

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 Andrei Ol'khovatov wrote :

>>Dear All,
>>Does anybody hear abouth an event in the south of Egypt where about 100
>>houses were burnt due to fireballs falling on roofs and inflaming the
>>Here is news report in Russian:
>>Of course, maybe it is distortion by mass-media, but anyway...
>>Best wishes,
>>Andrei Ol'khovatov
>>Mailing list meteorobs


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As far as I know the Perseids will not result in meteorites.

Here's a babefished version of the article:

In Egypt to the houses of inhabitants from the sky began to fall "ognennye of shary": sgoreli of 100 structures

the time of the publication: 15 July 2004, 12:41
last renovation: 15 July 2004, 18:03

In several villages in the south of Egypt for the unknown reason simultaneously for sgoreli of approximately 100 houses, reports RIA of "Novosti" with the reference to the local press.

As a result without the roof remained several hundred local residents, many of whom obtained burns. On the assertion of numerous eyewitnesses, to the roofs of the houses, on which the peasants dry the dung, utilized in these places as the fuel, fell the fireballs, which immediately set on fire structures.

Local authorities thus far cannot explain the reason for fire. According to one version, on the houses the pigeons, that were caught fire from the collision with the electric power line, fell.

However, on the assertion of local residents, on the fire-sites a total of several been charred bird small carcasses were discovered. On another version, the reason for fires could become meteoritic flow.

Are presented also hypotheses about that, in the sgorevshikh houses because of the large load in the electric brush occurred the short circuits. But against this version speaks the fact that many of the houses not at all had electricities. Most suffered consider that fire on them they sent dzhinny, the servants of shaitan (devil).

It is worthwhile to note that an analogous drop in the fiery it is ball it was observed during January of this year in Spain, where hundreds of inhabitants of North provinces became the witnesses of mysterious natural phenomenon. Then one of the representatives of the authorities Of palensiya city stated that one fireball exploded. "Vzryv was very strong. In air the cloud of white smoke, which for long not rasseivalos rose", - he stated.

In the opinion of astronomers, the fireballs, most likely, large meteorites.

References on the theme:

In Greece Was brought down "rybnyy" rain (NEWSru.com// in the world// medium, on 11 December, 2002)

above Australia carried past the fireball (NEWSru.com// in the world// Friday, on 6 September, 2002)

Dossiers NEWSru.com Africa// Egypt// The incident Information is assembled on the basis of the sources of the information service of "Integrum" largest in Russia;


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