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Date: Sun Jul 11 20:37:50 2004
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Hi Bob and List;

Let me address these concerns separately below:

Regarding the move of the List pages and archives:
There isn't much that can be done to make things less painless for those
who have "hard-coded" links to specific posts in the old archives. If I had
more control over the List environment I could create some type of
work-around, but my List provider does not provide that ability. I believe
that the original List server has been decommissioned and doesn't exist
anymore (so even if I could, providing re-direction funtionality would be
difficult). So, unfortunately, content providers with links to old archived
posts will need to modify their links manually.

Regarding archived messages with infected attachments:
Because my host provides the List service for a very small fee it does not
provide very comprehensive service when it comes to 'add-ons' or special
requests. This does present some challenges as there are many features I'd
like to add to the List that just are not available under my current plan.
One of these would be virus scanning for the archives, as this would be the
easiest way to alleviate the problem. Unfortunately my host does not
provide this so the onus is on the web user to either have virus scanning
software installed and updated on their PC, or to not open attachments that
are not trusted. On a positive note, the most recent patch for the List
server software provides the ability to hold all emails with attachments.
I've recently implemented this feature so hopefully that will provide some
proactive benefit.

While I do appreciate the concerns and many suggestions that I receive
regarding the List, the reality is that there is not much that I can do
without moving the List to a high-volume List provider, hosting the List
myself, or moving the List to an ad-based provider such as Yahoo. I do
research these options periodically but find that either the costs involved
are prohibitive (at least for me), or that current List usability would be
sacrificed. If anyone has alternative suggestions please contact me
off-List and I'd be eager to hear them.

Best Regards, Art

Art Jones
Meteorite Central

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Hello Art,

As you well know, I've been exchanging messages with
you off-List about all of the problems with Archives
ever since you changed service providers. Most of
those problems were about how all of the List Archive
messages now have a new URL and all have been
renumbered, causing links to be broken if you use
those URLs in a web page. Luckily Google has those
Archived messages "cached", but it is impossible to
fix the links on our web pages if we don't know the
new "message number"!

I understand that your service provider has no
interest in resolving that problem, but now you have
another problem which can't be ignored:

You will need to go into the server archives and
remove all the messages that have virus attachments.

The manner in which your service provider is handling
attachments to List posts (by publishing a link to the
infected attachment) is exposing the public to the
possiblity of infection.

For example:

[meteorite-list] Re: Document

[meteorite-list] Re: Document

[meteorite-list] Site changes

Scan type: Realtime Protection Scan
Event: Virus Found!
Virus name: W32.Beagle.X_at_mm
Action taken: Clean failed : Delete failed : Access
Date found: Thu Jul 08 13:21:06 2004
Bob Verish

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