[meteorite-list] Need ideas for numbering collection

From: bernd.pauli_at_paulinet.de <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Jul 10 16:53:30 2004
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> I actually have a few specimens with the same weight!
> So I need to come up with something more versatile.

Hello Mark and List,

If I get that right you are talking about several specimens
of *1* meteorite - say three Allendes or 4 Odessas that
all have the same weight.

They may weigh the same but will probably look different
(shape, dimensions, presence or absence of fusion crust,

Photographing them with their respective identification
labels is one (first) step. Numbering them is also very
helpful: Allende-01, Allende-02, Allende-03, etc.

I also add short descriptions (i.e., occurrence of chondrules, sizes
of chondrules and where they are located or other striking features
that help telling them apart like "large, oval, 4 mm chondrule in the
lower left part of the slice", five chondrules of equal size forming
an arc, etc.).

These descriptions and photos are archived on two different computers
(notebook + main computer) - both in my Microsoft ACCESS databases,
Microssoft WORD documents, and Adobe Photoshop.

Maybe some of these ideas are helpful.

Best wishes,

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