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Date: Sat Jul 10 00:35:41 2004
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>>Here's to Eric and all the honest dealers in the biz.

Martin Horejsi :):):):):)
Eric Olson :):):):):)

Hola Michael and List,

I wanted to second Michael's toast reproduced as my own as well, above.
While I am not a very frequent buyer, I have had a number of experiences which
have led me to believe that a rare few "old time" dealers are somewhat shady and
cut-throat (I have never bought from those), one plain dishonest, though the
rest rather trustworthy.

I have seen plenty of new dealers in a limited time and see pretty much the
same ratio of good vs. ehhhemm among those who have meteorite fever, i.e., know
what they are talking about, can ID a chondrule, even if it is their first
sale. So I pretty much don't care if they are new fangled or old timers, the
good guys usually tend to get the good material, and because such
generalizations can be quite discriminatory to honest folks wherever they hail from. But,
specifically, Eric Olson and Martin Horejsi deserve some positive feedback from
me this quarter (and we're not talking the standard overused A+++eBay kind).
While I don't really like making "me too" posts, this week they outdid
themselves with concern for my special shipping requests, and I hope this mention
stimulates others in "far away places" to consider them as guys who do their
best not to let you down when you need them, whether it be research or hobby.
Thanks Eric and Martin, you both know how to build goodwill. Please don't
change your formulae! You did your parts and I can't wait to get my first two new
meteoritillos since Tucson.
Suerte, Doug

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> Asunto: Re: [meteorite-list] thoughts on Shirokovsky /Loaves and fishiness
> Fecha: 07/09/2004 10:45:24 PM Mexico Daylight Time
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> Hi Paul &all,
> I bought a "very nice" piece of this at the Tucson Show
> in 2002 from Eric Olson. That was the show everyone thought
> it was the hottest new Pallasite ever.
> Of course, when I contacted him about it, he gave
> me a full refund. This is one of the benefits of doing
> business with dealers who have worked a lifetime
> building a reputation of fairness and honesty. They
> would never jeopardize that and respond promptly
> and fairly. I am sure Eric must have lost a good deal
> of money, but would never pass that loss on to his
> customers.
> Here's to Eric and all the honest dealers in the
> biz.
> Best wishes, Michael

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