[meteorite-list] Ebay asks for your help!

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Date: Fri Jul 9 19:07:20 2004
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Well, I think it's a good start, although I don't know how far it should go. Some things to consider:

Could IMCA be held responsible in any way for someone who purchases something with IMCA's "blessing" which turns out to be misrepresented? What if IMCA renders an opinion that seller X is offering something not authentic, which turns out to be, or even if that the seller just challenges IMCA?

What about sellers who for whatever reason choose not to belong to IMCA? Could non-membership lead to people avoiding their listings, and subject IMCA to some type of "restraint of trade" charges?

Unfortunately, at least here in the US, we live in a litigious society.

I don't have answers...these are just questions after reading this initial email. Do I think we should do SOMETHING to assist Ebay?....yes. Do I know what we should do?....no.


In a message dated 7/9/2004 5:20:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ken newton <magellon_at_earthlink.net> writes:

>I.M.C.A. received the following email from Ebay today. I checked the
>headers and it appears to be a genuine
>request. Since this affects the entire meteorite community, we would
>also like to include your valid suggestion
>whether you are in I.M.C.A. or not. Please give this some serious thought.
>Thank you for your attention to this matter.
>Ken Newton
>International Meteorite Collectors Association
>I work in the eBay Trust and Safety department. ?Part of my
>responsibility is to ensure the security of the marketplace and set
>potential bidder's minds at ease when it comes to bidding on items. ?I
>am attempting to do this in the meteorites category by contacting
>organizations that are experts in that field. ?That is why I am
>contacting you today.
> I was wondering if you would be willing to offer some suggestions for
>ways in which we can improve the meteorite marketplace on eBay. ?Any
>information you care to provide would be appreciated.
> If you would prefer a phone call, I would be willing to call you at
>your convenience. ?I appreciate your time and efforts.
> Respectfully,
>eBay Trust & Safety"
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