[meteorite-list] Quick hello and thoughts on Shirokovsky

From: tracy latimer <daistiho_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Jul 9 14:43:04 2004
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When I went to Tucson, I picked up a small (<2g) slice of Shirokovsky,
mainly because, as a meteorwrong, it was one of the nicest ones I had ever
seen. If I'm going to have a few meteorwrongs for comparison in my
collection, at least it's attractive, moreso than foundry slag, etc. AS
long as it's not marketed as a meteorite, but as a mineral curiosity, I
agree with Marcin; no harm, no foul.

It's also cheaper than the notorious "Emerald" or Frass meteorite :-)

Tracy Latimer

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> > These circumstances lead me to believe there is a lot more to the story.
> > Maybe I am too suspicious but this one just doesn't feel right to me.
> >
>Yes, You have right, but from the other side we can buy verry nice slices
>material similar to oryginal pallasites.
>Nice, I mean: big slices, not rusting, thin to 2-3 mm, with min. 50%
>transparent olivines. Try to find this quality pallasite in this price .
>can buy similar Imilac, Esquel, but how much You must pay for them ? Also
>for example on eBay price of Brahin was destroyed and people pay arounf
>1$/g, so when You put there transparent slice, they can pay much more per
>Ofcourse its verry bad that this was sell as meteorite and sometimes in
>crazy prices (20euro/gram on Ensisheim), but in my opinion this can be
>sell but as not meteorite and for price adequate to its origin.
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