[meteorite-list] Beware drone posts listed as coming from MLBLOOD?

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Jul 8 20:46:49 2004
Message-ID: <40EDEAF4.1090009_at_fascination.com>

And with circus music, we all receive numberous virus loaded
emails..................any help from the computer guru's?
Dave (virus warning box full) Freeman

Michael L Blood wrote:

>Hi Ryan & All,
> Steve Drummond and several other kind list members contacted
>me yesterday saying my posts had a virus attached.
> I ran Norton Virus scan and found my computer to be virus free.
> I emailed all of them directly and they confirmed my posts were
>free of virus.
> Here is what is apparently happening:
>1) A virus is about that can grab email and then send posts listing
>various email addresses it has stolen as the sender. This is, apparently,
>called a "drone virus." The virus is not actually coming from the listed
>2) In my case, apparently, one can easily distinguish my posts from
>drone posts as MY ACTUAL POSTS are listed as coming from "Michale L. Blood"
>while the DRONE, INFECTED POSTS are being sent with the name, "MLBlood."
> Sorry for those who were damaged by this, but it was not even
>a "piggyback virus" but one that just steals names and generates posts
>off of them. Apparently, it did that off a post I sent to the list, so, it
>used my email address (and for a "from" name, whatever preceded _at_
>in my email address.
> Don't open anything from "MLBlood" as it is a drone post.
> Best wishes, & thanks to those who helped solve the mystery, Michael
>on 7/8/04 4:41 PM, Ryan Darby at rdarby_at_comlabs.com.au wrote:
>>A lot of mail is being sent from mlblood_at_cox.net. I suspect you have
>>some sort of virus. They are empty with text attachments.
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