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I believe it doesn't have any structure, if it did have widmanstattens
then there could be little doubt I guess!

I really don't think you could pour molten iron over sharp olivine
crystals and get the same end result as Shirokovsky - wouldn't the
Olivine just shatter into tiny pieices or craze over? Molten Iron is
hellishly hot, You would probably need to do it under intense

 If it has been faked (and im not saying it is..) I take my hat of to
the genius who made it!

Your point about Lunar origins is an itersesting one, I don't know
enough about the chemistry to answer that, but the issue is I think that
the metal seemed extra terrestrial and the Olivine Terrestrial, that's
the anomaly

This stuff certainly had a lot of quite expert people 'fooled' that's
for sure.

To me the circumstances surrounding it's 'discovery' where certianly a
bit odd too, (although part of that may be due to translation from
Russian) wasn't it found under water in a cooling pond?

In all the pictures I have seen, to me it doesn't quite seem right for a
pallasite the crystals look a bit too 'sharp and pointed', (just an
observation) anyone agree with me?


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I second the motion - a chunk of mantle boundary material, whether its
from Earth of not, deserves an explanation! Here's a question - if it
came from the Moon would it also fall on the terrestrial fractionation

Any chance its a fake? Perhaps someone melted some Nantans and poured
them over a bunch of olivine or something like that. I've never seen
thing firsthand; does it have a Widmannstatten pattern?


> Hi,
> I would still like to know is, if indeed it is 'fake', how the hell
> it created? The debate seems to have 'gone quiet'.
> Coz I'd sure like to know how they did it! If it wasn't created where
> the hell did it originate?
> Seems to me that the evidence only really rests on the fact that the
> olivine isotopic's sit right on the terrestrial line... could this be
> explained away by any other cause except it being 'from Earth'.
> Mark Ford
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> Hi All,
> For those who save their Meteorite magazines, the Park Forest Special
> (August 2003) contains a informative (I think anyway) news story about
> the Shirokovsky rock.
> Also, anyone besides me notice some slight parallels between
> and the story Dan Brown (the Divinci Code author) weaves in his 2001
> book titled Deception Point?
> Cheers,
> Martin
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