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From: Mark Bostick <thebigcollector_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 11:55:51 2004
Message-ID: <BAY4-DAV25mTIVvLVKi000120d6_at_hotmail.com>

After over a year of hard time, and few weekend visits my meteorite collection on loan to our museum downtown is now back at home. Because their extended stay it almost feels like I have a bunch of new toys.
So before I figure out where to squeeze them into my display room I thought I would make an offer part of the displayed collection to the list. All meteorites will come with a signed letter from me stating the length and location of display. Most also come with (Roman's) labels.

Chinga Individual, 2583g, $750.00
Gibeon Individual, 1405g, $800.00
Tulia (a) complete slice, 256.4g, $350.00
NWA 1195 Martian meteorite complete slice, 1.386g, $1200.00
NWA 1195 Martian meteorite cast (free with above)
Toluca Individual, 610g $400.00
Brenham meteorite slice, 33.1g, $150.00
Cape York 676g, $3500.00
Sikhote Shrapnel, 2048g, $400.00
Gold Basin individual, 204.1g, $150.00
Libyan Glass, 153.2g, $150.00
Faucett, 75.7g, $250.00
Nadiabondi, 131g, $700.00
Georgiaite 11.37g, $1100.00
NWA 869 individual, 16lb., make offer
Forestburg (b), 170.8g, $400.00
Tektite Philippinite 424.4g, $350
Tektite Chinese dumbell, very nice, 63.0g., $50.00
Tektite Chinese teardrop, very nice, 76.1g., $60.00

E-mail any questions, or for photographs, some of these items can be found in the gallery on my website.
Mark Bostick

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