[meteorite-list] Explicite WARNING !! Bob Evans

From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 08:05:26 2004
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Hello list!

Great stone - always a pleasure to watch the meteorite of the day at

As nice as the specimen may be, the owner isn't.

I never did this before and hope not to have to do it in future,
but I have to warn everyone on this list to make business with Bob Evans.

Bob Evans ordered from wellknown list member Stefan Ralew last autumn
meteorites for 1000$.
Stefan sent the specimens, but they aren't paid until today.
Bob Evans stated to have sent a money order, but it never arrived.
Well a letter always can be lost in mail and with checks or money orders
it's really no problem to block it and to issue a new one.
Instead of this Bob Evans claimed, that Stefan recieved the money (he
Each bank can verify easy, whether a check was cashed. It's a question of a
few minutes.
Bob Evans refused to ask at his bank, kept the stones and continues to claim
Stefan to be fraudulent.

This is a completely improper behaviour and in my eyes the meteorite
community just has no need for such persons.

You may think, that this is not my cup of tea, but I know Stefan to be of
modest character, so that he never would address to the list in that case. I
wrote also to Evans personnally with no reactions.
1000$ are quite a sum and we all know Stefan for his efforts to offer
meteorites of outstanding quality at extreme low prices.
With this mail I want to preserve both collectors and dealers from similar
experiences with Mr.Bob Evans.

Please don't sell to or trade with Bob Evans, nor bid on his auctions (ID:
until he will have solved that situation.

To avoid misunderstandings: Spacerocksinc has nothing to do with that thing.

Thanks a lot!
Martin Altmann

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