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From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Jul 4 15:17:13 2004
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the atmosphereic pressure on mars is like 7 or 8 millibars - less than 1% of
that of atmospheric pressure on earth. in theory sounds could be recorded,
but they would be extreemly faint, and it would be likely impossible to hear
any sounds generated even moderate distances away. i guess thas why audio
transmissions were never considered a priority for mars. the hyugens probe
will travel through a dense atmosphere, so sound transmissions will be more
relevant as the probe should be able to hear noises made by things other
than it's self..

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>Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 05:04:46 +0000
>I have to laugh. I too built a parabolic reflector out of an old circular
>snow disc, sled, as a kid. I think I paid 75 cents for the plans. Kind of
>like X-Ray specs. I still don't understand why clear audio transmissions of
>environmental activity can't be achieved on Mars rovers for instance. It
>seems that radio technology would be simple to incorporate into the
>otherwise complex deal. Is my question really so naive?
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>Hola, Stan would seem completely right to me. I just have one question,
>though. I remember being fascinated with the idea of building a
>supersensitive microphone as a kid, the kind that could hear a bird at 1000
>feet and a whisper in the next room, etc. I actually did, though my
>inexperienced use of ferric chloride produced something that best picked up
>breathing that sounded like scuba diving sounds.
>One claim -since I wasn't able to make a good parabolic antenna- and they
>were not really available at that time like now, that always had me dream
>about reaching out to the universe was the supposed ability of the
>microphone to pick up "sounds" from Jupiter. Is there anything to this,
>and if there is, what Jovian "sound" is actually picked up from earth's
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