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Date: Fri Jul 2 15:57:33 2004
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Hello Gregory, Martin, Mark, and List,

> Marlow is also a possible fall. Bob Mooney investigated a 1920
> fireball that in his opinion left fragments in the region Marlow was
> later found.

That's interesting news. Marlow has always been one of my favorites.
I love that contrast between its dark matrix and its rusty brown fusion
crust. The interior looks really quite fresh while its weathered fusion
crust makes a find more probable than a recent fall. But who knows,
.. the main mass that was found in 1987 had been exposed to the
Oklahoma weather for at least 50 years. There are three Marlow
specimens in my collection: 6 - 12 - and 37 grams.

On his website, Mark also writes:

> ... it has since been classified as an L5. My thin section makes me
> lean more towards an L4 and that it is shocked, but L5 is pretty close

And, although the British Catalogue does indeed classify Marlow as
an L5 chondrite, you'll find a gorgeous color photo of it in O.R. Norton's
Cambridge Encyclopedia (p. 103). There it is classified as an * L4 *.

Best wishes,

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