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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:32:08 2004
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Great pictures of the CV3...congratulations. I look forward to seeing it in

I'm assuming the dike flow piece is terrestrial, and not a meteorite. Very
cool...since I am a big fan of such material.


> Dear List Members,
> We have received a couple of emails in regards to what new material we are
> about to release. We have been introducing a new rare meteorite almost
> every week now for about a year so we do not why this question is being
> asked. One dealer asked what we were planning to unleash this year in
> Tucson. We will be happy to talk about anything we are working on if we
> have data beyond the preliminary stage. Until then every thing is
> speculation which causes hopes to go too high in some cases. We have been
> disappointed more than once in regards to classifications. On the other
> hand, we have had a few pleasant surprises.
> We can tell you that we are working on several ungrouped items,
> one-of-a-kinds and some suspected planetary pieces. The problem with these
> kinds of meteorites is they take a long time to sort out. We have two
> meteorites that have been in study for almost three years that do not fit
> cleanly into any group. It is like getting a tooth pulled trying to get
> data that makes sense on several others.
> A few images that we find interesting:
> A completely new CV3 with giant chondrules.
> Image of 3D chondrule:
> http://www.lunarrock.com/newcv/cvchondrule.jpg
> Image of enormous chondrule:
> http://www.lunarrock.com/newcv/cvindividual.jpg
> Image of US found material with anorthosite dike flows, very cool!:
> http://www.lunarrock.com/newcv/anorthmelt.jpg
> Testing has not been completed on these but we will be offering the wild CV3
> and several new very rare items in the Reed brothers room in Tucson. We
> hope you enjoyed the images and look forward to making some announcements
> soon.
> All the best,
> Adam and Greg Hupe
> The Hupe Collection
> IMCA 2185
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