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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:59 2004
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All correct Marcia, but probably this persons know
only the humor of the idiot proud tom. You are the
unique probably understand this.


--- Marcia Swanson <MJSOfArc_at_webtv.net> wrote:
> Hi Randy, and List,
> C,mon now people. If we can "dish it out, we have to
> be able to take
> it". Which I think most will. Man! When I stop to
> think about what a
> field-trip Proud Tom or Matteo could have with me,
> after some of my
> comments and uneducated blunders, phew!! I am glad
> I'm not worthy. If
> anyone had the reserve to not smile or laugh through
> Matteo's series of
> photo's, I will guarentee,that the last photo of
> Proud Tom's smiling
> visage, with tooth blacked out, got everybody. If
> you say that didn't
> make you smile? I will call you a liar to your face.
> It's called mirth
> (definition: social merriment) with a twist.
> As to the Marines? I may be wrong, but I took it to
> be another humorous,
> satyrical parrallel referring to we Americans,
> collectively, and the way
> we tend to view ourselves. Example: " The Proud,
> the Few, the
> Best.........the Marines". With a litttle Super Hero
> thrown in for
> flair! In other words " We think we are all that,
> and a bag
> of.....meteorites." Only Matteo can tell you
> himself, if this is how he
> meant it. Regards to All, Marcie

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> [meteorite-list]Matteo's Proud Tom Fun
> Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 06:13:00 -0800

Hello Matteo:
I have read your funny parody of the Proud Tom
Website. I think that the people that you have made
fun of on your web page will view it with humor. Too
bad that you must be so insecure that you do not have
the same attitude.
One thing puzzles me. Why do you continue to attack
the Marines? Did the Marines attack you on this list?
 Do you feel insecure when you are around Marines and
this is the way you react? Please let us all know why
you hate the Marines.
The Real Proud Tom is my Hero and Pultusk is my
favorite meteorite.
"Faries still the smiles and the struck ones"
"This is the course of mine meat"

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