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Another message from that sack of crap loser who never
leaves his home. I call that a coward. Matteo, watch
out; you dont know when I might show up waiting
outside your house; Italy is not far from Spain.......

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another travel for nothing...type Orissa....remember
the export permit for the meteorites from Morocco....I
find just a moroccan dealer in Bologna know you, I
inform him what type of person you are.

Hi all; I have spent the last few days at the site of
the new fall in Spain. Unfortunately; the weatrher has
been terrible; with snow every day. When i left, ,ost
of Spain was snowed in; there was 5 inches of snow on
the roads and i had difficulty getting out of the
mountains to catch my flight to Morocco.
I am in Morocco now, have alot of great new
Get your pennies together; as my team has recovered a
new fall, gorgeous would not be doing it justice.
I will be back in Spain tomorrow, and home in a few
Mike Farmer

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