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From: almitt <>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:27 2004
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Hi Ken and Mexico Doug,

Reading Ken's message got me to thinking a bit. I am at the bottom of the list
messages for today so this may have already been addressed but will go ahead and post.

We may not be allowed to interact with uncompleted auctions or auctions that have
ended (like contacting a bidder or buyer) but when we see something that isn't quite
right or fraud, wouldn't that be a great time to mysteriously mail an invitation to
those bidders or buyers to join the IMCA (tell what we are about) and let them know
about auctions we find questionable. It would then be them contacting us and us
avoiding interfering with ebay policy. Having some links to rights and wrongs they
could begin to understand. It would also allow them to give the appropriate feedback
to the real frauds out there.

I run across people all the time who truly think they have a meteorite and such people
may list there "meteorite" on places like ebay not knowing. It is important to educate
those people and not jump on them. Perhaps they will come across something some other
time and it will result in a new meteorite. I know talking to one recent auction
listee of such a wrong was harassed something terrible by a number of IMCA members. I
doubt she will ever contact anyone ever again with any find she may run across because
of this. Let the leaders of the IMCA do their work so we get others involved and so
they have a positive experience rather than getting mobbed by our less desirable

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