[meteorite-list] Glassface found the 33rd Mars Rock

From: Adam Hupe <adamhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:25 2004
Message-ID: <053401c3f96c$84ab2a20$7fc21018_at_attbi.com>

Dear List,

This Glassface seller on ebay is a real clown and a poor con artist. He
just listed a piece of Martian basalt that he claims has preferentially
aligned OPX crystals. This is simply amazing considering there are only two
such stones in the world for a TKW of only 378 grams making it the rarest
Martian subclass in existence "Olivine-Orthopyroxene-Phyric-Shergottite". I
guess if you are going to make something up you may as well make it as rare
as humanly possible and claim it came from Rissani, how ridiculous. It is
even bargain priced at $300.00, what a hero! To see this fraud, check out
the auction link below:


This zero rated idiot has got to go!

All the best,

Received on Sun 22 Feb 2004 12:51:36 PM PST

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