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From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:25 2004
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>These subjects are worthy of discussion...though in the case of NWA 3099 I
>think it is unlikely they are from the same fall. Stefan tells me 3099 had
>a nice shiny black crust with flow lines, etc. while Blaine's piece showed
>no signs of crust that I can remember. Even when he pulled out the main
>mass of his offerings for Stan to look at...it did not have any crust as I

if the nwa 3099 is being compared to the 200ish g piece of l/ll3 I bought
from Blain, i can pretty safely say there is no comparison. the stuff I got
from Blain looks totally diffrent in terms of matrix color, chondrules, and
exterior. the exterior of this stuff was typical well worn nwa desert rock.
the end cut of nwa3099 I saw photos of had very fresh crust.

i couldnt belive there is any chance of a pairing

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