[meteorite-list] Re: Matteo and his lack of humor - one LAST time

From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:23 2004
Message-ID: <Law10-F110QeVpIJCu70002669b_at_hotmail.com>

>I agree. These guys that defend Matteo, are
>anonymous...Stan...Brahindave....they use hotmail and netscape addresses,
>but have a much larger ISP. If you are paying these ISP's for such a
>service (Internet Providers), why use Hotmail and Netscape? Don't they
>have email services for you? Kind of seems like a waste of money or you
>guys have something to hide?

whats wrong with being anonymous? this is the internet. the internet IS
ananomous. I could sign my posts as Harvey Nininger, and unless you were
looking over my shoulder while examining my drivers liscence, the name I
attach to my emails means nothing.

Does a name change the essence of what I was saying? I wasnt attacking Mike,
he's a good guy and I have no beef with him, hell I'm one of his
customers... I spent a few thousand $ with him in as many months. I was
simply pointing out that when you feed a troll, they keep comming back
regardless of how many times you ask them to stay away. Or have you guys on
the meteorite list not yet figured out that matteo isnt going to go away
simply by telling him he isnt welcome here? Come on, this isnt exactly
rocket science you know.

I didnt want this to turn into an argument, but I dont take too kindly to Ad
Hominem attacks. You claim I'm 'defending' matteo when i specifically said
things like:

"Matteo's website speaks for it's self, and quite loudly at that. And IMHO
certain things he says do not make him apear in too good a light to the
unbiased observer"

"the guy is a troll"

"Hopefully he will not go and attack innocent bystanders"

If thats your definition of defending someone, then I suggest you never
consider a career change that involves becoming a defense attorney unless
you plan on living off of kickbacks offered by a courupt DA.

You ask why I use a hotmail account? Because this list is full of garbage
posts and petty bickering that has nothing to do with meteorites. I dont
want to junk up my 'normal' email with the garbage, so I use a spam ridden
hotmail account for the list. I used to only read the meteorite list
archives through the web site, and to be frank I'm starting to regret
signing up to the list because of the aparent need to make posts like this.

You dont like matteo? fine. I have no problem with that. you dont think he
should be allowed to help police ebay auctions for fake meteorites? Well I
have never heard of a community that said 'our streets are pretty safe, lets
live a little more dangerously and fire a few cops', but hey, thats your
perogitive. I'm pretty sure I wouldnt get burned by a bogus auction on ebay,
so I dont have to worry about such problems.

I know I'm a newcommer here, and I dont have much right to complain, but I
DO ask for the following favor. PLEASE stop with the garbage posts. All it
does is waste space in the in box of list members. Since the first post I
made suggesting that it's wiser to 'not feed the troll' I have recived
several off list emails from people saying 'someone needed to say it' and
the like, so I know I'm not the only person who feels this way. If you want
matteo's childishness to go away, ignore him. If you dont have enough to do
during the day, and just want to waste time writing meaningless emails, then
stoop to his level and continue to act like children. The choice is yours.

And I PROMISE this will be the LAST post on this subject I make. IF I feel
the need to respond to anything further, I'll just remove myself from the

anonymous stan, AKA Harvey Nininger

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