[meteorite-list] Tucson Show and First Impressions

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Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:22 2004
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Additional comments and corrections to my list.

Washington Rob is actually Oregon Rob
Gujba Eric should be Gubja Erich
I think Maria Maria should actually be Marie Marie (Nelson)
Lazer Stan can also be Laser Stan...will answer to both.
Eucrite Shultz is correct...once went by Carbonaceous Shultz
I posted LA Dad and Son...will go by LA Father and Son as Mark posted
The Oakland Madman is Mike Martinez for those who don't know him

I omitted a few I met up with whose names just slipped my mind with the last post.
They are:

Article Mark...temporarily went by Caustic Mark while in Tucson
Sahara Overland Adam
Carolina John (Sinclair)

There we others whose names escape me. Maybe when I
see the IMCA list again someday...I'll then remember them.

People there whom I missed meeting included:

Aromatic Michael from NM
Nantan Bill
Doctor Nick
Matt SPADE from Colorado
Magellon the adventurer Ken

Well that is it for now...maybe a few of my Tucson pics will make it
to someone's site soon. I'll let you know.



> Hello all,
> Well I'm back home and back to my "real" life again. Going the Tucson was great
> medicine for a January I want to forget. Health is everything I learned last
> month, and making new friends in one's hobby interests is what I learned this
> month.
> I could write a bunch of run-ons and repeat statements that would truly stir the
> imagination to those who were not there. Instead I'll make a quick attempt to
> create my first list of people with new or known names for many I met up with. I
> will probably miss many I'm sure but I assure you it was not intentional. I only
> have a few minutes to write this so here it goes off the top of my bald head. I
> met up with...
> The Hoola Hupe's
> The Meteorite Man
> Tucson Geoff
> Arizona Keith
> Mexico Doug
> Long Island Geoff
> Arkansas Steve
> The Oakland Madman
> West Virginia Jim
> I'll go anywhere Mike
> Army Eric
> The comedy team of Gwilliam and Holmes
> The Reed Brothers
> English Rob
> The Shark...beware
> Ontario Dean
> Mohave Wu
> Lazer Stan
> Hula-girl Tracy
> Maria Maria
> Bloody Mike
> Holbrook Dave
> The Giant Brothers
> Booty Bruce
> Searching Jackson
> Bob and Rob Findem
> Eucrite Shultz
> Auction Al
> Out Bid-em Terry
> Gubja Eric
> ET
> Marvin the Cowboy
> Lherzolite Bruno
> Argentina Ed
> List Master
> Fred and Fred
> The Carions Times 2
> Chass-ag-nee Ann
> LA Dad and Son
> Know's his stuff Weir
> Washington Rob
> Illinois Jason
> and Saving the best for last
> Gold Basin Twink and Jim
> Rocks from Space Richard and Dorothy
> what a trip it was!!!!!!
> from Gabbro John
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