[meteorite-list] RE: Unique Offer - Nevada CO3

From: moni waiblinger-seabridge <moni2555_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:20 2004
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Hi List,

I am one of the finders of this CO3 and I didn't admit to my recovery leader
Bob, that I had no clue what the O stands for.
So I got my handy Rocks from Space book that he gave me when I got first
interested in meteorites and looked it up.
I was surprised that the O stands for the name of a city in France!
I thought it would descibe a mineral.
Then most meteorites have names after the location , so that makes sense.

Good time to use the time to read up on things while the list is so quiet!
page 192, in case you are interested.
CM, with the M standing for .....DO YOU KNOW??
and so on!

More pictures from Tucson, please!? Guess they must still be partying!!

my regards and Sternengruss, Moni

>From: Robert Verish <bolidechaser_at_yahoo.com>
>To: Meteorite-list Meteoritecentral <meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
>Subject: [meteorite-list] RE: Unique Offer - Nevada CO3
>Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 09:58:37 -0800 (PST)
>Hello List,
>I was very curious how my "silent auction" would be
>received. I suspected that there might be a sizeable
>number of people who are not fond of the openly public
>aspects of eBay auction bidding. Even more likely,
>that some prospective bidders were being discouraged
>from bidding on the overly publicized Nevada meteorite
>auctions. Some of those suspicions seemed to have
>been confirmed. I have received offers from people
>who I have never seen bid on eBay.
>There are still 2 hours to enter an offer, but I am
>already glad that I tried out this "best offer"
>format. Because, by having this "silent auction" I've
>got to meet some List members for the first time,
>people who have a similar interest in Nevada
>meteorites, people who are interested in
>meteorite-recovery, and people who have NEVER before
>bid on any of my eBay auctions.
>I have been encouraged by all of this, and plan to
>make more of these "offers" in the future.
>Bob V.
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>[meteorite-list] AD: Unique Offer - Nevada CO3
>Robert Verish bolidechaser_at_yahoo.com
>Wed, 28 Jan 2004 21:01:19 -0800 (PST)
>While much attention is being directed towards the
>Tucson Show, here is an offer for you to consider
>prior to that event.
>I am making available for the first time ever, a
>1.5gram polished fragment of a new Carbonaceous
>Chondrite - a CO3 - the rarest of the rare Nevada
>Because of the upcoming Tucson Show, this offer is
>only good for this week!!
>I'm directing this offer to those of you who dislike
>bidding on eBay auctions - for whatever reason!
>See if this novel approach appeals to you:
>BEST OFFER gets this specimen.
>The "best offer" price will NOT be made public!
>The name of the person with the "best offer" will NOT
>be made public!
>(Think about it. When I say "confidential", you know
>it STAYS "confidential"!)
>This is a PRIVATE offer.
>There is NO BIDDING!
>(So, when you make your offer, don't bother asking me
>whether it is "too low" or "too high"!
>I'm serious. I said that the "best offers are
>"confidential" and they will STAY "confidential"!
>I'm also curious. I wonder if there are collectors
>who would prefer this over an eBay auction?)
>You make your "best offer".
>Within the two (2) day time limit of this offer, you
>can raise or retract your "best offer"!
>"Best offer" means best offer.
>I reserve the right to refuse any "best offers",
>particularly if I perceive any wrong-doing,
>or a person makes public their "best offer" prior to
>the deadline of this PRIVATE offer.
>This offer is only good for this week, with a deadline
>of NOON PST Friday the 30th.
>Who ever has the best offer by NOON PST Friday, gets
>this specimen!
>(By the way, did I mention the low TKW?)
>This meteorite was first found by myself, Bob Verish,
>(on 2002 November 30) with additional fragments being
>subsequently recovered by members of my
>Meteorite-Recovery Team. It has been classified by
>UCLA as being a carbonaceous chondrite: CO3,
>Fa10.2-35.5, S1, W3 - - The Total Known Weight (TKW)
>is only 106.8 grams. Piecing these fragments together
>has met with very limited success. Like a "puzzle"
>with as many as 30% of its pieces missing, the
>majority of the fragments do not fit together. Before
>anymore of these small fragments are incorporated into
>the reconstructed masses, I would like to generate
>interest in this meteorite with the research community
>by going public with this specimen. By using these
>orphaned fragments as samples for test purposes, I can
>avoid cut loss by not having to make anymore cuts into
>this meteorite. The type specimen at UCLA consists
>primarily of about a dozen of these small fragments.
>What I am looking to get out of this exercise is an
>appraisal value for this meteorite for tax purposes on
>future donations. So, send me an offer, all reasonable
>offers will be seriously considered. (But only in the
>case of EXCEPTIONAL trade offers - meaning, ONLY
>offers from institutions where researchers are
>interested in using this meteorite in their studies -
>they are welcomed, as well.)
>Images of the 1.5 gram specimen that is being offered
>can be seen on this web page :
>(A 1 centimeter cube-scale can be seen to the right of
>the stone in the first image.)
>The name for this meteorite is still pending approval.
>I assign a serial number to ALL of my finds. The
>serial number for this fragment is NV021130E1.
>Should you have any questions, contact me before
>making an offer.
>Bob V.

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