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From: Bob Martino <martino.6_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:20 2004
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Actually, Bob isn't quite accurate. You can get a New Campo from the
Giroldi's for as low as $43 per kilo (!!!) My calculator says that this is
4.3 cents a gram. Their largest is a monster in the 150 kg size range that
is simply BEAUTIFUL.

(...and so is the young lady they brought along to speak English for them.)

Bob says CHECK IT OUT!

Bob Martino, Tucson, AZ

Can you really name a star? Read the Truth!

> Subject: [meteorite-list] Campo Bargain
> Greetings list members,
> I just happen to come across a meteorite seller from Uruguay here at the
> Tucson show (not listed on the meteorite list for this show). They are
> Giroldi brothers who are selling only NEW Campo meteorites and at the
unheard of
> price of only 8-10 cents per gram. If you want a cut and etched piece you
> pay 15 cents a gram.
> Just purchased myself a fantastic cut piece of 630grams. Unfortunately,
> the small pieces are already gone. Lots of material from 900 grams to
tens of
> kilos.
> They can be found at the Howard Johnson motel along the frontage road
> Congress and 22nd streets.
> The show is already jumping and it just began.
> Bob
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