[meteorite-list] NWA meteorites - money for terrorism?

From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 10:31:19 2004
Message-ID: <401D26A1.2000705_at_fascination.com>

Dear Dean;
My breathing stopped for a moment there. This is the best post in
months. Give'm hell! It is well deserved.
Very Best,
Dave Freeman

dean bessey wrote:

>You know, I have seen some pretty low and dirty shots
>on this list over the past few years but this is about
>the worst form of self promoting and "My meteorites
>are better than your meteorites" that I have ever
>For new list members the pellisons have been several
>years trying to get people to pay outragous prices for
>their meteorites and try and convince people that they
>are the only legitimate dealers in the Sahara. Just
>desperately trying to find a way to convince people to
>overpay for their meteorites. I guess that since you
>came up with this ludicrous idea that poor business
>must have recently taken a turn for the worse.
>But use just a half retarded minimal grade four
>intelligence and think about what a potential
>terrorist would think if he actually did decide to
>raise money in eastern morocco. Would you choose
>meteorites where there is a close knit group of people
>worlwide wide and a lot of effort would be required to
>liquidate the stuff or choose fossils with a thousand
>times larger market and
>easier time to liquidate the goods (As well as get
>supply). There is certainly easier ways to raise
>millions of dollars than by trading in meteorites.
>But just look at where the money is going. A very
>large part of the proceeds of meteorites goes directly
>into the local economy. You can see where the money is
>going. Locals buy cars, build houses and such. One of
>the nomads that i work with is sending a grandaughter
>to a good school (Even though he cant read himself -
>he gets his grandaughter to count money for him
>because he cant do so himself as he never spent a day
>in school in his life). You would be hard pressed to
>go anywhere in the world and see a probuct so
>bennefiting the local population as what meteorites do
>to the finders and local population in the Sahara.
>Compare that to when the pellisons go search for
>meteorites by themselves in the desert, bypassing the
>local population, illegally exporting their meteorites
>from the sahara (Unlike the NWA sellers you dont see
>export permits on the pellison meteorites) and the
>only locals who benefit from pellison meteorites are
>bribes to local government officials and the state
>sponcered oil ompany (Assuming they dont bring their
>own fuel).
>There is a reason why meteorite dealers like myself,
>Erich Haiderer, farmer, Labbennes, Cottingham, Strope,
>Ivan and others are selling tens of thousnads of
>dollars worth of desert meteorites and the pellisons
>are stuck crying in their cheap imported wine
>complaining like a bunch of cranky old ladies unable
>to sell anything.
>Thats because these other dealers are supplying a good
>product at a reasonably price and give consumers a
>fair value for their dollar while the pellisons have
>spent the last few years somehow trying to convince
>consumers that going in and raping the land dry
>without leaving anything behind for the local
>population except police bribes that people should
>somehow pay 3 to 10 times for for similar rocks that
>they are selling.
>Maybe you can explain to everybody why it is not
>appropriate to hire locals to find meteorites (Or
>trilobites) for the world market like what goes on
>with NWA meetorites?
>Many of the NWA sellers unfortunately dont act in an
>adult manner on a rare occasion but it is mostly
>friendly competation and while I buy tons of NWA
>meteorites and might be able to make more money if I
>was the only buyer I am not a communist and see no
>reason why other dealers shouldent be dealing in
>desert meteorites either. I cant keep up with sales
>myself and couldent supply the entire (And rapidly
>expanding) world meteorite market if I was the only
>dealer anyway.
>When there is free competation pretty much everybody
>(Except the pellisons) are reasonably happy and can
>carry on a business that is legal and supportive of
>the local economy.
>But lets discuss the pellison meteorites now. I notice
>some DAGs on your website. Can you supply us with
>government documentation proving that those were
>properly exported from Libya? Of course you cant.
>Every NWA dealer could supply you with a legal
>Moroccan export permit though (That would make it
>extremily difficult for a government to come in the
>future and claim ownership of the rocks that you buy
>from them). Maybe you could explain to us all exactly
>what you did so that the Libyan government is allowing
>you to export meteorites from the country?. I note
>that Libya is on the United States and French list of
>terrorist sponcering nations. I wonder if you had to
>make some "Contribution" to the Ben Ladin cause in
>order to be allowed to hunt with impunity in Libya.
>You have been to terrorist sponcering Libya on a
>bunch of occasions. What were you doing in a terrorist
>sponcering country anyway? And what did you do to be
>able to export meteorites without getting arrested.
>One must seriously wonder how somebody who dont think
>twice about flaunting laws of the country that they
>are in operates and exactly what type of organizations
>they would be willing to support in order to reach
>their goals? So tell us how you get meteorites out of
>libya and which people who are part of the local
>population (Or in Afghanistan) benefits from your
>meteorite activities. We would love to know I am sure.
>Inquiring minds (Not to mention your potential
>customers) would like to know exactly what it is that
>you are up to in a terrorist sponcering nation (That
>americans are not even allowed to visit).
>Lets meet up in Tucson next week so that I can buy you
>some top of the line award winning Canadian wine so
>that you wont have to continue your enjoyment of the
>cheap imported camel piss that you can afford now.
>And next time you go to the desert wear a hat? To much
>sun is obviously getting to you.
>Dont think that I am trying to kick the pellisons out
>of the desert. I am not a communist and I believe that
>all my competators - including the pellisons, has just
>as much right to hunt in the desert and sell
>meteorites that I do. This is the stupidest most
>moronic thing that I have ever herd.
>--- Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_comcast.net>
>>It is lunacy, they are jerks who think that they
>>only should be in the desert. What a crock of BS.
>>Go back to France and take your attitude with you
>>Meteorites funding terrorists, get real! They are
>>building homes with them, the Pellisons are just mad
>>that someone else gets some money from the
>>meteorites other than them.
>>Mike Farmer
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>> From: Stefan Ralew
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>> Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 12:25 PM
>> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] NWA meteorites -
>>money for terrorism?
>> Hello Richard & Robert Pellison and List,
>> beautiful concpiracy theory! But where are the
>>real facts? Thousands of deserts nomads in the
>>service of Al Qaida? I`m sorry, but this story ist
>>nonsense for me. It is fact that many nomads trade
>>her meteorites for food and other goods at markets
>>in Morocco. The Moroccan mineral dealers make the
>>real money. I know many of this mineral dealers
>>personally and these aren't terrorists!
>> It is the same propaganda which is already used
>>against NWA meteorites.
>> Best regards,
>> Stefan
>> www.meteoriten.com
>> SR-Meteorite
>> I.M.C.A. Member#3368
>> NWA meteorites - money for terrorism?
>> 1 - NWA meteorites are undocumented stones
>>"bought" in Morocco.
>> 2 - There is no potential prospecting field in
>>Morocco to supply this market.
>> 3 - More than 95% of the NWA meteorites come from
>>Algeria, Libya and up to Egypt.
>> 4 - The border between Morocco and Algeria has
>>officially been closed since 1994. Islamic army
>>groups cross the border.
>> NWA meteorites =
>>contraband meteorites
>> Some serious facts:
>> - 2 of the 11 international terrorist
>>organizations which have been target of the Bush
>>government since September 11th live in Algeria:
>> - GIA (Armed Islamic Group)
>> - GSPC (Salafist Group for Preaching and
>> - 30 Europeen hostages have been rescued from
>>Islamic groups by a military attack between the
>>Acfer and the Tanezrouf meteorite strewnfields in
>> - Well organized smuggling rings act through the
>>militarized no man's land between the two countries.
>> - NWA meteorite contraband is still financed by
>>private investors who prefer to stay "anonymous".
>> - The track of the millions of dollars involved in
>>this traffic is lost on the Algerian border.
>> More info :
>> http://www.saharamet.com/
>> Richard & Roland Pelisson
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