[meteorite-list] Decimal point vs. comma in numbers

From: Pekka Savolainen <pekka.savolainen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue Dec 7 00:30:01 2004
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1 gram = 0.0000218 quintal [Spanish] ;-

You can find a quite good converter from;



pekka s

David Freeman wrote:

> Dear List;
> I need to make point clear...99 percent of my BUYING PUBLIC are
> located in the US of A. Those fraudulent spamers and non buying
> surfers that waste time are normally from foreign countries. So to
> discourage those that are not really purchasing, I put my descriptions
> in numerical form that my buyers can readily recognize. Yes, I
> realize that science is in decimals and grams but again, those that
> are my predominant source of my income really appreciate my putting
> inches in inches so they can know what in heck they are looking at. I
> have never had any complaints from anyone over my choice of inches,
> feet, ounces and pounds and have over 600 auctions with 100% feed
> back. So, my buying public is very happy and many many are repeat
> customers. For those that are piddling around my auctions and want
> decimals and grams (I do weigh my meteorites and fulgerites in grams
> as that is the industry standard) I do answer questions. When I
> drove my camaro car, I did not use KPH, when I ride my 4 wheeler, I do
> not search for a mm wrench but use a crescent wrench.....so why do we
> mess with metric when I am not in a metric oriented ...or orientated
> market?
> Sincerely and from Wyoming (heart of red country, jesus land) where we
> measure in inches and miles and barrels of oil, and cubic feet of
> gas, and tons of ore, and pounds of beef, where's the beef?
> Dave F.
> Meteoryt.net wrote:
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "David Freeman"
>> <dfreeman_at_fascination.com>
>>> When I write my auctions, anything in parts less than a whole as in
>>> inches and in grams and in ounces; I use a fraction written out so no
>>> one that knows less can not mistake my intent...1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4
>>> inches, ounces, grams....saves that uncomfortable circumstance for
>>> those
>>> who can't figure out the . from the , ok?
>> Heh I dont want start complain about auctions where weigh is in
>> pounds or
>> dimmensions in inches when seller sell item worldwide.
>> How this will look, if I will start writing my auction description in
>> polish
>> language on US ebay ?
>> :-)))
>> Yes this should be funny for a moment.
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