[meteorite-list] METEORITE GIVAWAY#14/ESQUEL

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Date: Sat Aug 28 04:36:49 2004
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Where ya gonna go with all the food WE can eat???? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where I'm gonna go, isn'tit a Pyrite's fate to justget drunk and moo? she say when the volcano blow, quicklava me now or lava me not,

Moon soon come soon, not count worth, leave Earth, hope they'll be rum so gotta CM2 but not gonna land in Mexico,:(
(great songs by the Pyrrhotheads)

>Steve Arnold, Chicago!!! wrote:
>>Tomorrow I am going to see JIMMY BUFFET
>>with all you can eat and drink.
>Wow! A Jimmy Buffet buffet....

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  To: RYAN PAWELSKI <yellowengine_at_earthlink.net>

Parkforest in paradise? Be sure to keep it between the navigational


>Damn.. you beat me to it, Ken. And I must say; that made me hungry Steve. How about a food givaway after you get back from the Buffet buffet tomorrow night? You can always ask your wife to use her purse to bring home the goods.
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