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Date: Fri Aug 27 14:18:49 2004
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Meteor lights up switchboards
The Border Mail (Australia)
August 27, 2004

RADIO stations were yesterday abuzz with callers reporting a dazzling
meteor streaking across the night sky.

The meteor was seen from the NSW coast to Shepparton but many of the
Borders ardent stargazers missed the brilliant show.

Bethanga astronomer Mr Bob Price had been photographing the moon but
headed indoors before 11.30pm, when the meteor was sighted.

Mr Price said the meteor must have been close, perhaps 60km from the
earths surface, because some people reported having heard it.

He said the meteor could possibly be classified as a "bolide" because it
was brighter than the moon.

Police stations from Mt Druitt to Goulburn received dozens of phone
calls reporting a very bright light and two explosions.

Goulburn policeman, Sgt Joe Fitzpatrick, was on patrol in his police car
when he saw an intense light in the sky to the north-west.

The light was most likely caused by nothing more than space junk burning
up, said astronomer Mr Vince Ford, of Canberras Mt Stromlo Observatory.

"Sounds like a bit of space junk, a piece of old rocket casing or a fuel
cell," Mr Ford said.

"My best guess: a small bit of aluminium rocket casing, causing an
extremely bright blue-green light as it burned."
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