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From: Pierre-Marie PELE <pierre.pele_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Aug 27 11:40:55 2004
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Hello to the List,

searching for Zagami information on the web, I found this Zagami Game that you can play on a standard chessboard. The story is comic :

"In 1962, on a quiet October afternoon in the middle of an African cornfield, a 40-pound meteorite tumbled to the earth and planted itself in a two-foot hole in the ground. It landed ten feet away from a farmer, who was busy scaring crows away from his corn and so was not on the lookout for falling meteorites. The papers reported that the pressure wave from the impact knocked him flat on his back.

What the papers failed to report was that, immediately after the impact, a tiny Martian lifeform hopped off the smoldering rock and made its way, quietly, toward the dazed farmer. The changes that overtook him during the following weeks and months were slow and subtle to the eye. It was a long while before he, or anyone else, understood what he'd become.

Zagami is a game of Martian microbial life for four players; it requires a standard chessboard and an Icehouse set. Each player controls a single-colored colony of microbes, which moves and expands across the small meteorite in search of food. Multicolored stacks begin to form - microbes eating microbes eating microbes. As the game progresses, each colony evolves "enzymes" which allow it to metabolize other microbes into energy to be used for growing, sporing, attacking, and escaping. Only one colony will survive the long journey from Mars to Earth. Will it be yours?"

Here's the link to get the rules ! http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Kory/Games/Zagami/


Pierre-Marie PELE

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