[meteorite-list] Salt, Beer 'n' meteorites

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Date: Fri Aug 27 03:59:21 2004
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Thanks Bernd that explains it, I never appreciated that the salt(s)
content, of Allende was so high, as to actually taste of it!

So then we have the beer, and the salt for the fish'n'chips (fries) all
we need now is a meteorite pudding... Parnalee jello anyone!? :)

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> The other day I was removing some saw marks from an Allende, and
> the dust was naturally going all over the place, but some went into my
> mouth, and I was surprised that it actually tasted 'salty!' anyone
> of a reason for this?

Because it is salt - just think of Zag and Monahans where water was
in salt crystals locked inside these meteorites. Salt deposits have also
found on and in several Antarctic c a r b o n a c e o u s chondrites -
in most
cases CM2, in some cases CK5 and CK6, in a few cases CR2 chondrites.


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