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Date: Mon Aug 23 16:02:35 2004
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I need help with classification of nevest Polish iron meteorite.
I search for lab where I can make analyses of:
and minerals from PLATINUM group.

Its importand, becouse this new meteorite was find in place located perfect
on line beetween Morasko and Przelazy (Seelasgen) meteorites, 200km from
Morasko. If analyses will be similar to Morasko, then this will be verry
importand proof, that all this meteorites comes from one single meteorite
fall (also propably with Tabarz from Germany), makes the longest strewfield
ever see.
But for now we need help.

Photos of new meteorite can be find here (News 3th from top)
12.07.2004 - Nowy Polski meteoryt metalowy
On photo is main mass 12kg and small 112g specimen

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