[meteorite-list] Regional Deforestation Associated with Australasian Tektite Fall??

From: Paul H <bristolia_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Aug 19 13:12:24 2004
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A recent paper, Haines et al. (2004), described
fluvial flood deposits containing abundant "abundant
organic debris, including whole tree trunks and
mammal bones", that its authors interpret to be
"the effects of regional deforestation, increased
run off and erosion, and other environmental
disruptions expected in the aftermath of a major
impact event."

The article is:

Haines, P. W., Howard, K. T., Ali, J. R., Burrett,
C. F., and Bunopas, S., 2004, Flood deposits
penecontemporaneous with ~0.8 Ma tektite fall in
NE Thailand: impact-induced environmental effects?
Earth and Planetary Science Letters. vol. 225, no.
1-2, pp. 19-28 (30 August 2004)


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