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Date: Wed Aug 18 16:45:31 2004
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BINZEL R.P. et al. (2000) Evidence for a differentiated asteroid
beyond 3 AU from the sun (MAPS 35-5, 2000, Suppl., A026):

"... a rare basaltic asteroid beyond 3 AU from the Sun, a distance that
appears too great to allow any plausible relation to Vesta (at 2.36 AU)
or any known differentiated asteroid family. The 30-km (estimated size)
asteroid 1459 Magnya has high-quality visible and near-infrared spectral
measurements that reveal the characteristic signature of a basaltic surface.
We believe that Magnya may be a rare surviving fragment from a larger,
differentiated planetesimal that was disrupted long ago ..."

NYQUIST L.E. et al. (2003) Early volcanism on
the NWA 011 parent body (MAPS 38-7, 2003, A059):

"The only basaltic asteroid other than 4 Vesta is 1459 Magnya at ca.
3.15 AU. The old age of NWA 011, its close similarity to EET 90020,
and the probability that its unusual O-isotopic composition is a conse-
quence of formation of its parent body adjacent to carbonaceous asteroids
of similar O-isotopic composition in the outer main belt, suggest that it
is of asteroidal rather than mercurian origin."
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