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Date: Mon Aug 9 06:25:07 2004
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Well, Half life can't change (otherwise the universe would be in a real mess) but who knows what effect very very high pressure, heat and gravitational force would have on a fission reaction, maybe at the earths core, a nuclear reaction happens at an accelerated rate due to the much higher pressures (i.e the atoms are forced much closer together, and there would be total neutron absorbtion) or maybe even hot fusion? This would result in the radioisotopes transmuting into Lead and Iron etc a lot faster than they would under natural decay.

Since there are chunks of Natural Uranium over the earths surface, I suppose you would expect a correspondingly large amount nearer to the core?
Likewise there must be large differentiated asteroids out there that have concentrations of heavier elements, (but due to gravitation as opposed to volcanic or water based action that brought them to the Earths surface)

Mark Ford

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Dear Mark and List,
????? Perhaps the half-life has somehow been changed? (warped) so that all radioactivity has nearly become nil.? Conceived physics is not to this point of understanding yet.? Sincerely, Dirk Ross...Tokyo
Einstein is no longer with us to help explain; anyway someone will some
day understand.? BTW, good question.....questions lead to answers.? If there are really any scientists on this list, please give it a thought!
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