[meteorite-list] Dronino is no ataxite.

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Date: Sun Aug 8 12:41:45 2004
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> notging....I have use 2 types of etching, one with very very few nitric
> acid, another with many acid....nothing in the 2 case. Warning with
> Paraloid, I use for work with others type of French vernish....With the
> paraloid the air no pas and in some iron meteorites I have pu this, after
> few time the surface is exploded after some bubbles is exit. On the
> I have put Ferrox, its a rusty converter. But the problem of the iron
> meteorites its into the meteorite, not on the surface. How many Nantan I
> have see exploded after some time for the Lawerencite problem......

hmm, my 3kg nantan that I cut using water cooling is stay also on near my
Dronino endpiece and without any protection its stable like hell. Another
endpiece also. Slices from this specimens I have from, I dont know, maybe a
year here and no rust.
I'm also surprized about my nantans, becouse I see too many rusting nantans
and other meteorites,

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