[meteorite-list] Dronino is no ataxite.

From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Aug 8 07:49:37 2004
Message-ID: <001001c47d3c$f5489160$39dbe4d9_at_9y6y40j>

Hi List,

does someone knows, whether there are further studies done with the strange
iron named Dronino?
I think most of us will have acquired a sample this year, as Dronino is
offered so often and, known of it's tendency to rust, is extreme cheap.
That's why I think it's of interest for the listees to take a glimpse on the
slice Marcin prepared and is offering right now on ebay.
Item number: 2261633412

Dronino is not so featureless, than one expects after it's first
classification as ataxite!
A friend of mine, an excellent preparator, also found such strange irregular
and faint pattern in a slice - sorry no photos.

Got somebody similar results? Any comments?
So, hush, to the workbench: Let's etch that guy!

Martin A.
Received on Sun 08 Aug 2004 07:43:43 AM PDT

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