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Date: Fri Aug 6 20:18:46 2004
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> when stuff first comes out - be it a rare classification - or just an
> especially nice new fall it's price tends to be high - after a while more
> and more sources of the material open up, and competition drives the
> down. it's not about dealers not having business sense - it's about free
> market dynamics pushing the prices where they need to be based upon the
> of supply and demand.

And there are also OTHER RULES on Dealers web pages, where meteorites have
still prices average high, and there is verry different situati0n on eBay,
where prices can be verry different. Sometimes I get price 3x higher for 1g
slice than for more nice 3g slice 1 day ago.

You can have Your lunar for 2000$/g on web page and waiting month's for
collector with money to spend who do not know eBay, or sell everything on
eBay for 600$/g or start selling everything starting with 0.01$.

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