[meteorite-list] Help on 'Rite or 'Wrong

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Date: Fri Aug 6 01:20:47 2004
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Hola Bob, So why did you quietly bring one of the thousands pieces behind your lakefront estate and mysteriously deposit in a field in Mexico without telling us what it is? Surely you must know what it is, please do tell. It was one tantalizingly unique black stone here ...

PS: And it is certainly not dog poo (laugh):

Saludos, Doug

>>Comcast Mail bobe5531 at comcast.net
>>Thu Aug 5 18:12:45 EDT 2004

>>I hope its a "rite" .............. I have a few thousand of
>>these around the lake behind my house.

>>Bob Evans
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> Hola list,
> www.diogenite.com/helpme.html
> If you can, please give this one a moment for me. It has me very excited
and I need several more critical eyes than I seem to have. Why is it always
so easy to know it all about the other guy's but get stumped on our own...
(or maybe it really is a rite).
> Saludos,
> Doug
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