[meteorite-list] Important Mojave Meteorite Found

From: Michael Farmer <meteoritehunter_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Aug 5 18:36:54 2004
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Adam, I find it impossible to believe that the piece is paired with Old
that meteorite is PERFECT, complete and looks like it fell yesterday.
I would guess that this piece is a much older different meteorite.
Moisture is more prevalent in the Mohave at higher elevations, and never for
long periods, even if it was in a low area, it would only be wet for a few
I think it must be a different meteorite.
Mike Farmer
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> Dear List,
> I promised to announce a few things of interest as laboratory results
> in so here is the first of many important announcements to come:
> I recently received laboratory confirmation regarding a meteorite that was
> found within a few miles of the famous Old Woman Meteorite. When I first
> examined the stone I was not even sure it was meteoritic but it was
> and dense. It reminded me of iron shale I had seen in other iron type
> meteorites so I broke off a small piece and diamond lapped it. When I saw
> few elemental metal flakes imbedded in the shale, I knew with 90%
> it was a weathered iron meteorite so I sent a piece in for classification.
> Here are a few images with explanations.
> This image shows where weathering has delaminated the crystalline
> If you look carefully you can see 10 mm sized bands forming a triangular
> pattern. What is interesting is that the original Old Woman meteorite has
> 10 mm bandwidth making it a coarsest octahedrite. The reason this
> is more weathered than the original find is that it was found at a lower
> elevation where moisture is more prevalent.
> Freshly found Old Woman IIAB Iron meteorite, image one:
> http://themeteoritesite.com/oldwoman.jpg
> The second image shows the side with less weathering and more elemental
> iron:
> http://themeteoritesite.com/Oldwoman2.jpg
> I hope you enjoyed the images and will take any advice on what to do with
> this very special meteorite. Should I donate it and if so where?
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> Adam Hupe
> The Hupe Collection
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