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Thanks for the info guys, does anyone know who the "mineral collector" that
purchased it in 2001 is providing that person is also the main mass holder.

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Hi Rob and List,

> I am trying to track down information on a pallasite named Zinder.
> Outside of a few references to it I am unable to find a thing. Google
> fizzles out, the CatMet doesn't list it. Any info is appreciated.

Z I N D E R - Pal, W1; pyroxene-rich
Niger, 13? 47' N / 008? 58' E
Find 1999 / TKW: 46 gr; 1 mass

A 46 g, mostly crusted meteorite, was found in a field outside Zinder, Niger
and purchased in 2001 by a mineral collector. Precise site location is
Description and classification (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU): Unusually high
abundance of orthopyroxene; modal analyses: opx, 28 vol%; ol, 27 vol%;
metal, 44 vol%; sulfide, 1.0 vol%; chromite, < 0.1 vol%. Olivine, mg# = 89,
molar Fe/Mn = 32; opx, mg# = 87, Wo2.2; molar Fe/Mn = 20. Metal, Ni = 7.15
Co = 0.58 wt%. Chromite, Cr2O3 = 60.1 wt%; molar Cr/(Cr + Al) = 0.85.
Weathering grade, W1. Specimens, main mass with owner; type specimen 5.8 g,
one polished mount, and one thin section, NAU - original weight was 9.54 g
(Met.Bull. 87, Jul 2003, A212).

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