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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:30 2004
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As some of you know, Darryl Pitt's father passed away on March 4. Because of
some business, I had been corresponding with Darryl just the day before as
Darryl was enroute to Michigan to be with his father (and mother) during the
expected last moments. Darryl did take the time to write back on March 4 and
his message to me was poignant and full of dignity and respect showing a joy
and appreciation of life that must run especially deep in the Pitt family.

I received the May issue of "Meteorite" today and the "Macovich Collection"
advertisement running on the inside cover is typical of Darryl's, and I
assume his father's, first class attitude about, well, everything. It is a
dramatic photo in black-and-white taken aboard the US Saratoga while she was
on duty in the South Pacific in 1943 during WWII. All hands are on deck, some
sitting astride two upward pointing artillery barrels, listening and watching
a live performance of "Big Band" leader Artie Shaw and his All-American

Sitting in the front row of the band, Mack Pitt on sax.

Darryl's ad copy reads, "There would be no Macovich, if it weren't for Mack."

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