[meteorite-list] Looking for Baszkowka

From: vincent jacques <meteorh3_6_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:28 2004
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<P>Hello&nbsp; list, </P>
<P>I'm looking for a slice or fragment of the Baszcowka L5 fell in Poland in 1994. Size: 5-30 grams. (Purchase or trade, is the same for me)</P>
<P>Best regards,</P>
<P>Vincent Jacques.<BR><BR></P></DIV>
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<P>hi list,</P>
<P>I was looking over an Allende slice from my collection last night with a 10x loupe and notice quite a lrge metal flake (well large for Allende and it is visible to naked eye) and it looked sort of gold in color. I was wondering is this normal for Allende or could it be from the saw? Does not look like rust but could be oxidized iron.<BR><BR>Clear Skies &amp; Happy Hunting,</P>
<P>Jay Haynes</P>
<P>IMCA Member #:6905</P>
<P><A href="http://www.geocities.com/cdnastronomer/meteorite.html">www.geocities.com/cdnastronomer/meteorite.html</A></P>
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