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From: Jay Haynes <cdnastronomer_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:27 2004
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<P>Hi list,</P>
<P>Over the past few days I been planning out the meteorites I wish to get over the summer and right now would just like to find out the avaliablity of them. If anyone has any within the price/size range please e-mail off list and I will add you to my list of meteorites. I plan to start buying as soon as school is out and I start working full time (within about first week of July)</P>
<P>Peekskill: max $100</P>
<P>Murchison: 3-4 grams</P>
<P>Tagish Lake: $100-$120</P>
<P>Juancheng: 30 grams individual</P>
<P>Nakhla: $100 max</P>
<P>Shergotty: $100 max</P>
<P>Chassigny: $100 max</P>
<P>Zagami: $100-$150 max</P>
<P>Canyon Diablo: 200 gram individual</P>
<P>Gibeon: 100-150 gram slice</P>
<P>Odessa: 50-100 gram individual</P>
<P>Tatahouine: 2-3 grams</P>
<P>Bilanga 2-3 grams</P>
<P><BR>Thanks for the help!<BR><BR></P>
<P>Clear Skies &amp; Happy Hunting,</P>
<P>Jay Haynes</P>
<P>IMCA Member #:6905</P>
<P><A href="http://www.geocities.com/cdnastronomer/meteorite.html">www.geocities.com/cdnastronomer/meteorite.html</A></P>
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